God’s Grace and Plans Unfolding…
On July 14, 1837 a few members of some area Baptist churches held a conference in the schoolhouse in Mottville, MI. A council conveined on August 26, 1837 for the purpose of organizing a regular Baptist Church, First Regular Baptist Church of Mottville. The first Pastor was Rev. James Haddow, who lived near Mottville.

For the first 21 years, the church met in local schoolhouses or homes. During this time the church’s name was changed to The First Baptist Church of Porter. The first church building was dedicated on September 21, 1858 at a cost of $1,551.98 and in 1875 the church began its Sunday School ministry.

The church called its first fulltime pastor, Rev. Dale Klint on December 12, 1948 and a parsonage was completed on the church grounds in 1950. The church commissioned its first missionaries, David and Norma Halvorsen in 1956.

The early morning of Sunday, December 15, 1963, the church building burned. The congregation again met in a local schoolhouse while a new building was constructed at a cost of $80,000.

God has blessed Porter Baptist Church richly over the last 176 years. During these years the church called 46 pastors. Throughout the years, progress has been made in many different areas within in the ministries of the church as well as the church facilities.

History serves as a reminder of where God has brought us. It also serves as a tremendous challenge for the future. After reflecting on God’s hand and direction in our past, we can certainly reaffirm our commitment to trust Him for continued direction in the days ahead.